The Passano Foundation, Inc.

The Directors of The Passano Foundation are seeking nominations for the 2014 Passano Award.  The nomination form may be downloaded from the nomination section of our website located at  All nominations for the 2014 Passano Award are due by November 1, 2013.  In an effort to reduce the use of paper, nominations will only be accepted via email.  Please submit your nomination to  The Board will make its selection in December 2013 and will notify the winner in early 2014.


As you are aware, the 2014 Passano Award and honorarium will be given to an established investigator in recognition of his or her research which leads to clinical medical applications.  The 2014 Award will be presented at a special dinner in Baltimore in the spring of 2014.


We realize that thoughtful nominations for these awards are time consuming.  The Directors of the Foundation are particularly grateful to you for taking the time to bring outstanding men and women of science to our attention and we look forward to receiving your nomination.

Passano Laureate Nominations

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