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2018 Passano Laureate & Physician Scientists

By creating chimeric T cells that redirect cytotoxic T cells to kill cancer cells, June and Sadelain have devised a fundamentally new strategy for treating cancer. CAR T cells are the first therapy predicated on cell engineering to enter the practice of medicine. The cells are self-replicating, and represent a new paradigm of a “living drug” for cancer therapy.  These translational accomplishments have created a paradigm shift and a first-ever cell therapy industry. Building on the success of CD19 CAR therapy, over 80 other potential CAR targets have been reported, of which 20 are already being tested in over 250 clinical trials worldwide. The remarkable clinical trial results obtained in thousands of patients with refractory leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, together with the FDA approval of CD19 CAR T cells, are a validation of the seminal importance of the invention of CAR T cells by June and Sadelain.



Laura Christine Cappelli, MD, MHS, MS

Internal Medicine, Rheumatology

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine



Cheng-Ying Ho, MD, PhD


Assistant Professor

University of Maryland School of Medicine





Carl June, MD and Michel Sadelain, MD, PhD


2018 Physician Scientists

2018 Passano Laureates

Laura Christine Cappelli    

      MD, MHS, MS

Cheng-Ying Ho

    MD, PhD

SadelainandJune Cappelli Ho_Cheng-Ying